Unique bone carving exhibition showcases artistic brilliance in Srinagar

In a bid to promote inventive diversity and deliver a system for proficient artisans, a two-day bone carving exhibition was held at Kashmir Artwork Emporium in Srinagar.

The exhibition arranged underneath the “Know Your Artisan” initiative by the Section of Handicrafts and Handloom, drew an enthusiastic crowd of site visitors to witness the exquisite craftsmanship on display. The spotlight of the exhibition was the remarkable artwork by Aziz-ul-Rehman, a resident of Srinagar who has embarked on a unique route in the artwork world—crafting jewellery objects from animal bones.

Aziz-ul-Rehman’s bone crafting talent stood out amidst Kashmir’s classic concentrate on fantastic design elements this kind of as embroidery, kani weaving, and carpet weaving. His enthusiasm for “doing work with scrap bones and wooden to develop special objects” has resulted in an intriguing assortment of jewellery, keychains, knives, and ornamental parts.

“I develop several items applying animal bones, this kind of as jewelry, keychains, knives, and decorative pieces,” stated Aziz to Zubair Qureshi, shedding light on his artistic procedure and numerous creations.

Aziz shared that his curiosity in artwork dates back to his childhood. “I often had a penchant for creativity. I loved building matters, enjoying with instruments, and tending to my back garden through my spare time. These hobbies nurtured my artistic inclinations,” he reminisced.

The inspiration for his bone carving artistry originated from a childhood incident involving his mother’s planning of Harissa, a well-known meat delicacy consumed during winters in Kashmir.

Witnessing his mother discard the bones right after boiling the meat, Aziz carved a knife from a substantial bone and proudly showcased it to his spouse and children. The favourable reaction he received ignited his enjoyment and passion for bone crafting, a fascination that has endured more than the years.

Whilst acknowledging the challenges confronted by artists striving to make a living in Kashmir, Aziz expressed unwavering commitment to his craft.

Director of Handicrafts and Handloom, Mehmood Ahmad Shah emphasized the significance of exhibitions like this in promoting artwork and supporting artists.

He stressed the need to have to figure out and present platforms for unique art sorts this kind of as bone carving, aiming to inspire site visitors to take pleasure in and invest in these amazing creations, eventually empowering youthful artisans the two creatively and fiscally.

The exhibition evoked reactions from readers, who have been captivated by Aziz-ul-Rehman’s ability and expressed their assistance for these initiatives.

A single visitor commented, “The artistry and creative imagination exhibited below are genuinely excellent. Aziz-ul-Rehman’s bone carvings present a fresh and exclusive viewpoint on Kashmir’s inventive landscape.”

A further customer expressed appreciation for the Department of Handicrafts and Handloom’s endeavours, stating, “This exhibition offers significantly-wanted publicity and recognition for proficient artists like Aziz-ul-Rehman. It really is vital to aid and really encourage such inventive endeavours.” (ANI)