Tips for solid commercial product lighting

A lot of moments, a photographer will feel they have a nice photograph for the reason that they have a stunning issue. A truly very good photograph arrives for the reason that lights results in depth, dimension, kind and curiosity. That does not suggest it wants to be tricky to complete, just that it was done nicely. Here’s an illustration.

Marriott pen

Choose a search at this photograph of a pen that was in the home at the Marriott, and likely price about 50 cents. I think this picture does all of the items I talked about higher than. There are beautiful specular highlights. Smooth shadow edge transitions. An intriguing track record helps grab attention with no having absent from the subject. It is a extremely clear set. There’s also a mild, further emphasize to choose your eye to the symbol on the pen. All of these work to make this a productive professional picture for a merchandise that in all probability sells for about 50 cents.

SOOC photo from commercial photo
Pen Straight out of digicam with no adjustments. Underexposed a little to make guaranteed there was no decline of the highlights ans specular lights on the sides.
photoshop Camera RAW filter result
Original clean up up and adjustments using Photoshop Clone Stamp Device and the Camera Uncooked Filter on a duplicate of the base layer. Working on a duplicate also permits for employing a Mask if needed if you got a little carried away and didn’t want to go all the way again to the Digital camera Uncooked Filter.
Photoshop layers palette
Base layer with copy adopted by a Curves layer to get the idea of the pen vivid and far more specular. A mask was used to restrict the Curves Adjustment layer.

The technique

All of this is achieved with a solitary light, scrim, non-glare glass, a reflector and a small Photoshop article-manufacturing. Non-glare glass is suspended over a white reflective surface. A white translucent scrim is tilted around the glass creating the glass ‘read’ with the light and shadow. Gentle is developed applying a one Molus X100 COB gentle from Zhiyun. Here’s a link to my X-100 evaluation. There is a modest reflector on the gentle and a smaller modifier to enable spread the mild just a bit.

The ensuing highlight on the glass can be managed by the distance the LED mild is from the scrim. If the mild is closer there will be a more intensive lesser reflection. Transfer the light away and the emphasize results in being larger. Pretty easy. What you see is what you get though you operate. The added highlight passing through the printed phrase MARRIOTT is attained employing a four-inch vast reflector designed from a piece of white foam core.

Clean up with final touches

Initial stop was Adobe Camera Uncooked for an overall color and tone correction. That was adopted by utilizing the Clone Stamp Software in addition Location Healing Brush.

screenshot of Photoshop Camera RAW filter
The pen is demonstrated selected with the crimson mask. Adjustments designed only apply to masked space. Using the Create New Mask quite a few unique regions can be modified individually. Incredibly highly effective!

Next I created a duplicate of the foundation layer and opened it working with Filter> Camera Uncooked Filter. The moment in the filter, I moved to the Masks location. Different picks ended up built with different modifications happening only within just the individuals picks. For case in point, there was an adjustment made with the pen only selection revealed in the illustration. A Radial assortment was also created to incorporate a subtle highlight around the Marriott logo. I’ve identified the Digital camera Uncooked Filter extremely highly effective when used in this method.

solid commercial lighting of product
Ultimate graphic.

As constantly, concerns? Fall them in the responses below.

Yours in Artistic Pictures, Bob