Timelapse images guidelines and how to overcome common troubles

Jeremy Grey

posted Friday, August 19, 2022 at 3:00 PM EDT



Qualified photographer and Panasonic Lumix World-wide Ambassador Shiv Verma shipped a presentation at B&H Optic about timelapse pictures and Verma’s tactics for capturing timelapse images that visually showcases the passage of time. The presentation also discusses frequent faults photographers make when executing timelapse photography, suggestions for topics, composition approaches and digital camera machines.

At its main, timelapse photography makes it possible for you to create a video that showcases very long-time period functions around a comparatively short interval. For example, if you seize 1,000 images at a 5-next interval, you may capture images for 83 minutes. If you deliver a video clip at 30 frames for each 2nd, this 83-in addition minutes of recording will be condensed to about fifty percent a minute. More than that span, you could seize illustrations or photos of a sunset from start to complete. By the way, a day-to-night time or night-to-day timelapse is named a “Holy Grail timelapse.”

To develop a fantastic timelapse video, you should realize your camera tools, exposure and common photographic tactics. You have to also be proficient with enhancing and write-up-processing. As Verma states, timelapse pictures demands a large amount of tolerance and motivation.


When Verma is a Lumix Ambassador, he is fast to position out that you can use just about any camera you want, as very long as it has intervalometer capabilities – indicating it is able of body-by-frame capture. Lots of cameras include built-in time-lapse instruments to support you. You want to use a great lens, but it won’t need to have to have autofocus or stabilization. In point, you will be using guide options, which includes aim. Just like with several other genres of pictures, acquiring neutral density and circular polarizing filters is a fantastic strategy, specifically ND filters, due to the fact shutter velocity regulate is important.

A secure tripod is vital given that you are going to be capturing a lot of photographs from a one perspective. You do not want your digital camera to shake or transfer for the duration of your timelapse sequence. When you could want to integrate some sort of camera slider for panning timelapse shots, the principal point is that you need to control digicam movement. You will also require to think about exterior power sources if you happen to be undertaking a extended-period timelapse.

In Verma’s presentation higher than, he handles supplemental subject areas like light, exposure duration, the math you should do for timelapse photography, framing and the importance of arranging. He also discusses the Holy Grail timelapse approach and animation/motion handle.

To see extra from Shiv Verma, take a look at his internet site and follow him on Instagram. You can see additional videos from B&H by clicking below.

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