The Minecraft 1.21 update is official, with automated crafting, trial dungeons, and a brand-new mob

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Live is the perfect stage on which to announce the next major Minecraft update every year.
  • 2023 is no different, with Mojang Studios officially unveiling the initial set of features for the as-yet unnamed Minecraft 1.21 content update.
  • The update focuses on challenge and adventure, with new Trial Chambers with puzzles and combat challenges, with accompanying Trial Spawners, copper lightbulbs, and the new Breeze hostile mob.
  • There’s also the Crafter, though, which actually brings automated crafting to Minecraft and is perfect for redstone engineers.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Sure, Minecraft Live is packed from beginning to end with new reveals and announcements for the entire Minecraft franchise, but many are most eager to see the first of the next major Minecraft content update. During this year’s Minecraft Live event, that update falls under the 1.21 version number, and it’s officially heading to players in mid-2024.

Mojang Studios’ Agnes Larsson and Jens Bergensten took to the stage to confirm the first set of features to be included in next year’s Minecraft content update, following the Minecraft 1.20 “Trails & Tales Update” released earlier in 2023. While more are likely to be confirmed later, Mojang Studios now only confirms features that are already in active development and near completion. The 1.21 update also lacks a name, which will come closer to release.