Springfield dinner theater to combine murder mystery/magic show

What happens when you mash up a traditional murder mystery with a magic show? Two shows and more for the price of one when it’s “Deadly Deceptions: A Murder Mystery Magic Experience.”

Showtime Performing Arts will present its first big performance with the three-part original show that will bring a whodunnit and how did he do that to a dinner theater performance at 6 p.m. Oct. 13 at the Lux Garden Event Center, 177 S. Tuttle Rd.

Tickets cost $65 each. It is intended for ages 18-older.

Kolton Rice, Showtime’s vice president, calls “Deadly Deceptions” a show within a show that will have three parts beginning with a magic show, an investigation and a séance to try and solve the mystery.

“This will be a little different than murder mysteries other groups have done,” he said. “It’s being directed by committee, and the fourth wall will be broken the entire time.”

Bartenders, waiters and staff may not be just doing their jobs during this event. Each may have clues to offer, or even have a motive, and keep an eye on the decor or about anything else that could offer clues.

There are nine performers in the cast, members of Showtime, with Jake Lundgren leading the production, handling the magic portion and the show workshopped by committee.

Tickets will include a three-course meal with Italian cuisine, although vegan options will also be available.

Showtime, which launched earlier this year, is planning a whole season of entertainment, according to Rice. They plan to do kids and adult shows and possibly a karaoke Broadway sing-along cabaret night.

The group also offers workshops and classes for all ages and skill levels including for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

For tickets or more information, go to www.showtimeperformingartsohio.org/.