Smalland Crafting and Unlocks Guide

A good deal of your time in Smalland will be commit exploring and combating new creatures. However, lots of of the products you come across really don’t have a great deal of a use on their own. In our Smalland Crafting and Unlocks Guide, we are going to go above how to switch these crafting materials into anything extra useful.

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Smalland Crafting Elements Record

How Smalland Crafting Works

Crafting in Smalland is carried out both through the Crafting tab in the character menu, or by way of many buildings. To craft goods, you need to have to have the accurate products in your inventory, then select the recipe you desire to craft. Recipes you have unlocked can be viewed via the Codex tab in the character menu.

How to Unlock New Crafting Recipes in Smalland

Crafting Recipe unlocks are both tied to placing down new buildings, or acquiring certain materials. When a new recipe is unlocked, a pop-up will surface at the best remaining element of the monitor. For shared materials like Refined Wood or Stone, you may unlock a bunch of recipes at the exact time, though other people only unlock 1 or two factors.

Structures can be split into a handful of main groups:

  • Weapon and Instrument Creation – The Workbench, Stonecutter, and Forge are mainly employed to make new resources or weapons from unique tiers of supplies.
  • Material Refining – The Tannery, Loom & Spindle, Windmill, and Furnace all switch supplies into new items that can then be utilized for Weapons, Tools, and Armor.
  • Cooking – The Campfire, Cauldron, and Stone Oven all make progressively superior foods to stave off starvation and implement diverse buffs.

You can also make an Apothecary Desk, which unlocks several helpful potions to restore wellness or improves resistances.

Smalland Crafting and Unlocks Guide - Chopping Tall Plant

Smalland Crafting Elements Checklist

Substance Stack Sizing How to Get
Wooden 30 Compact bundles of twigs, Tall Crops, Saplings
Fiber 30 Smaller crops, Tall Crops, Saplings
Resin 30 Tiny orange resin deposits in trees, Saplings
Stone 30 Mining small stones
Chitin 30 Larger sized bugs (Eco-friendly Beetle, Lubber, Waterbug)
Major Chitin 20 Tougher bugs (Cockroaches in the Graylands, Stag Beetles in the Jungle)
Screw 20 In close proximity to gentleman-produced objects (some can be observed in the Graylands)
Bottlecap 20 In close proximity to rivers (normally subsequent to glass bottles)
Seeds 20 Certain more substantial plants (Poppy, Rye)
Seed Oil 20 Process Seeds at Stonecutter
Flint 30 Usually at Beaches or the Graylands
Bark 30 Typically at Beach locations or the western woods
Insect Fur 30 Most fuzzy animals (Bees, Wasps, Spiders)
Herptile Hide 20 Geckos by the beach
Silk 30 Spider Cocoons employing Flint Shears
Garlic Leaf 30 Hedge Garlic (large eco-friendly crops)
Nectar 30 Certain bouquets (Poppys)
Insect Wings 30 Traveling creatures (Bees, Wasps, Damselflies)
Insect Sting 30 Wasps
Sapphire Wings 1 Black Hornet in Graylands

Which is the conclusion of our Smalland Crafting and Unlocks Guide. Examine out our other guides beneath!