Murder and multiples; the real cost of easy money | Arts & Entertainment

Tv news loves two stories most of all: missing blondes and several births. Diane Sawyer has spent a long time attaching herself to celebrated quint-, sex- and septuplets. The far more the merrier.

Before the series imploded into predictable catastrophe, “Jon & Kate Additionally Eight” turned our pop culture’s obsession with multiples into cable rankings gold. The Duggars, stars of “19 Kids and Counting,” experienced a greater family (and even much more sordid and stunning scandals), but they crafted their brood in a a lot more incremental style.

What happens when you combine multiples and murder? “Blood & Money” (9 p.m., CNBC), the new correct-criminal offense collection from producer Dick Wolf, continues the “Law & Order” emphasis on “ripped from the headlines” stories but dispenses with actors and scripts in favor of documentary-model coverage.