Monster Hunter Rise Frocium: Location, Crafting & Use

Monster Hunter Rise is an ARPG that was developed by Capcom for Nintendo Switch. This is the sixth installment in the Monster Hunter series, and it has proved itself to be one heck of a game. The game recently got a new DLC known as Sunbreak, and it included tons of different items. Frocium was one of those items included in the Monster Hunter Rise.

Frocium is a useful item in Monster Hunter Rise, and you can use it to craft different Weapons and Armor sets. Here is the list of Best Armor Sets in Monster Hunter Rise. As for the Weapons, we’ve prepared our own Monster Hunter Weapons Tier List.

With Sunbreak DLC, a lot of new content is added to the game. So, these Best Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Builds will help you fight the new world easily. While you’re at it, you might want to read our Greatsword Build, Hammer Builds, and Dual Blade Builds.

What is Frocium in Monster Hunter Rise?

A lot of players might think that the game’s only goal is to provide weapons for you to kill monsters. They are correct and wrong at the same time. You have the weapons to kill the monsters, but the game allows you to upgrade the weapons and make them stronger.

One thing to note is that even without upgrading your weapons, you’ll be successful in finishing the game. But it will be more challenging. Later on in the game, monsters and bosses will take a lot of time for you to kill. So comes the upgrade mechanism.

Like upgrades of all kinds, upgrades in Monsters Hunters Rise make your weapons stronger and make boss fights easy. This way, you’ll deal more damage with each hit from your weapon compared to when it wasn’t upgraded.

When your equipment is upgraded, you can search for high rarity items. Some of these items, such as Large Beast Gem, Prized Pelts, and Inferno Sac in Monster Hunter Rise, require you to kill the higher-level monsters. Or, if you want to test yourself, you can check out our Seregios Boss Fight and Malzeno Boss Fight guides for Monster Hunter Rise. 

With that, the game pushes the players to explore its map to find items for upgrades. Frocium is one such ore that is used to craft new items and upgrade old ones in Monster Hunter Rise.

Collecting Frocium in Monster Hunter Rise

Forum is a ‘Precious metal from the Frost islands’ that you can obtain once you reach the Master Rank. Frocium gives off a blue sheen on the reflection of the light.

As it is a master rank ore, you won’t get it before you hit the master rank. Master Rank was added in the new Sunbreak DLC. While you’re mining for it, remember that it has an 8 Rarity, so you won’t come across it easily.

How To Get Master Rank

As mentioned before, you need to be Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise to collect Frocium. Master Rank isn’t already available in the game, and you’ll have to unlock it. Master Rank becomes available after you have both Monster Hunter Rise and its DLC Sunbreak.

Once you have both of these, you’ll have to defeat the Thunder Serpent Narwa. After it is defeated, the Sunbreak storyline will be unlocked. As you get access to Sunbreak, you’ll get access to the Master Rank in Monster Hunter Rise and eventually to Frocium.

The Master Rank unlocks as soon as you finish the first mission of Sunbreak DLC. The quest starts when you talk with Rondine, who is standing at the bridge entrance to Kamura Village. Once you talk with her, the Urgent Quest automatically starts. This quest is known as ‘Uninvited Guest – Hunt a Daimyo Hermataur’.

If you’re new to the Monster Hunter games, then you might not know what exactly a Daimyo Hermataur is. It is a big red crab that fires jets of water at you and stomps you using its hammer-like claws. It isn’t a hard fight that’ll take too much time to end, as you’ll have the best HR equipment.

You can take on Daimyo Hermataur after defeating Narwa without grinding for better gear. Although, if you are struggling with the fight, then you can take a  thunder-element weapon and wear armor with a high level of water protection.

Once you’ve defeated the monster, you’ll be at Elgado, an outpost of the Kingdom. Here, you’ll be introduced to the leader of the outpost, Admiral Galleus. After that, a cutscene will follow with dialogues. Then you’ll automatically unlock the Master Rank. This will put you at the MR1 rank.

Frocium Location

Okay, so you’ve made it into Master Rank, and the Master Rank items are finally available. Now you can finally find Frocium at its mining locations in Monster Hunter Rise. But before you start mining, here’s what you need to do.

We suggest that you should try to get the Level 3 Geologist skill. It will allow you to gather materials one extra time from the mining outcrops. You can eat a few of the Dango to improve your Stamina consumption.

Dango in Monster hunter rise.
Dango gives the player different buffs.

If you still feel that your stamina consumption is too high, then you might want to consider reading our Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power guide to reducing stamina consumption.

Okay, so once you’re ready to explore the Monster Hunter Rise world for Frocium Ore, it’s time to head towards the Frost Islands. Then Open the detailed view of the map by pressing Y. On the map, you’ll find several options such as zooming in and out, fast traveling or searching for items/materials.

Frocium is found at Frost Island in monster Hunter Rise.
The map of Frost Island.

Now, navigate to the ‘Materials 2’ section on the map screen. Then, scroll down until you come across the ‘Mining Outcrop’ option. Click on it, and the map will then pinpoint the location of the Mining Outcrop. You’ll have to head over there and mine it.

Mining Outcrop as seen in the map of Monster Hunter Rise.
Different Mining Outcrop spawn locations.

Mining Outcrops are the primary source of ores in Monster Hunter Rise. They are crystals in each of the game’s areas. All you have to do is walk towards them, and a button will prompt up. Press the button and forage away.

Mining Outcrops Harvested for Frocium in Monster Hunter Rise.
Harvesting the Mining Outcrops.

As for the prominent places to look for the Frocium on Frost Island in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll have to check on the edges of cliffs. You’ll get either 4 or 8 pieces of Frocium once you pick up the Mining Outcrop.

Frocium found in Monster Hunter Rise.
Frocium can be found in different quantities.

Secret Locations of Frocium

While you’re onto harvesting or mining the materials in Monster Hunter Rise, it’s better to check out the map. The map will indicate where you can find the next Mining Outcrop. That will reduce your time as you’ll have to spend less time exploring the map for them.

There’s no fixed location in Monster Hunter Rise where you can find Frocium ore. But during our search for Frocium, we got lucky and found our required amount for the first time in a few minutes. It took a lot more than expected when we were searching for it during our guide.

Uses of Frocium in Monster Hunter Rise

Frocium is a rare and useful ore, and for that reason, it is one of the late-game ores. It helps you craft tons of items. These items range from Weapons to complete Armor Sets to Armor Pieces. We’ll get on the list of these items in a while, but first, we must tell you of one of the best Armor sets in Monster Hunter Rise that you can make using Frocium.

We’re talking about the Ingot X Armor Set. The Ingot X Armor set debuted with the Sunbreak Expansion. You’ll need to find the Purecrystal to craft the Armor Set. You can find it in the Flooded Forest area. There, you’ll find it in the Blue or White Mining Outcrops as a drop.

As soon as you get the Purecrystal, you can craft the Armor Set. You can now work on crafting the Ingot X Armor Set at the Smithy. The Ingot X Armor Set includes all the parts.

  • Head – Ingot Helm X
  • Chest – Ingot Mail X
  • Arms – Ingot Vambraces X
  • Waist – Ingot Coil X
  • Legs – Ingot Greaves X
Ingot X Armor Set is crafted using Frocium.
The Ingot X Armor Set.

This complete set gives you a total of 470 defense. That’s not all, and it gives your player a ton of buffs and skills. These buffs and skills include Attack boost, Critical Eye, Power Prolonger, Thunder Attack, and Windproof.

These skills increase the total damage dealt by the player. So the Iron X Armor Set is not only good at defending you, but it is good at increasing damage dealt.

It is truly one of the best Armor Sets you can get in the game. And the Armor Set requires Frocium Ore to craft it in Monster Hunter Rise. It gives you a reason to invest your time into searching for the ore in the game. With it, boss fights will feel like a piece of cake.

Items Crafted Using Frocium Ore

The list of items that you can craft using Frocium is a large one. Here are the different Weapons and Armor Sets that you can craft with Frocium.

Crafting all these items requires Zenny. If you find yourself always short on money, then you can check out our Best Money Farming Methods in Monster Hunter Rise.


Following weapons use Frocium as one of the main ingredients to craft them. We’ve listed how much Frocium you’ll need to craft each of these items. That way, you can plan if you want to craft them.

  • Crystalized Edge (4x Frocium)
  • Tristan and Isolde + (5x Frocium)
  • Die Walkure + (3x Frocium)
  • Gelid Sprit (4x Frocium)
  • Elite Bowgun + (4x Frocium)
  • Reversal Barrage + (2x Frocium)
  • Dauntless Bayonet (5x Frocium)
  • Jaeger Prime II (5x Frocium)
  • Lagombavarice + (1x Frocium)
  • Holy Sabers + (3x Frocium)
  • Imperial Sword III (2x Frocium)

Armor Sets

Following Armor Sets require Frocium as an item to craft them. In some armors, all of the pieces require Frocium, whereas, in others, only one or two pieces require it. So, here’s the list of the Armor Sets that require Frocium.

We’ve also listed the number of Frocium you’ll need to craft each of these sets. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need other items to craft these sets too. But we’ll only cover the Frocium part for now.

  • Alloy X Set (5x Frocium)
  • Tetranadon X Set (2x Frocium)
  • Utsushi True (Hidden) Set (2x Frocium)
  • Utsushi True (Visible) Set (2x Frocium)
  • Baggi X Set (2x Frocium)
  • Barioth X Set (3x Frocium)
  • Channeler’s (Spring) Set (2x Frocium)
  • Damascus x Set (4x Frocium)
  • Goss Harag X Set (4x Frocium)
  • Hawk Set (2x Frocium)
  • Ingot X Set (2x Frocium)
  • Medium (Light) Set (2x Frocium)
  • Lecture Set (2x Frocium)
  • Lagombi X Set (3x Frocium)


Frocium ore is a Rare ore, so don’t get disheartened when you can’t seem to find it on Frost Island. But remember, it is a Frost Island exclusive item, so you’ll have to grind there to get it.