Is the new Glowforge Aura laser machine a design fad or the future of crafting?

The new Glowforge Aura is a laser slicing and engraver with crafters in thoughts. It is element of a new pattern for laser machines to encroach on the digital crafting scene made well known by Cricut, but can this compact laser craft device definitely nudge out the blade devices every person is utilised to? Possibly.

For years laser engravers and cutters have been large, heavy machines (you can uncover a roundup of the very best laser machines in my guide) but this calendar year has witnessed a pattern for more compact, compact laser-based cutters and engravers that have digital crafters and hobbyists in their sights. Some are enclosed equipment like the great xTool M1 whilst you can browse my LaserPecker 4 overview to locate an instance of a neat desktop device.

The new Glowforge Aura is an enclosed laser device that can take all of the terrific factors I really like about this brand (study my Glowforge Pro critique) and spots it into a compact, clear equipment that steps just 20.5 x 22 inches. It means the Glowforge Aura can sit comfortably on a craft desk and turns into a house gadget somewhat than a equipment for the workshop.

Glowforge Aura; a small white laser machine on a desk

(Graphic credit rating: Glowforge)

One particular other area wherever Glowforge Aura is being competitive is in its price the greater Glowforge Pro costs around $7,000 / £6,000 though this new compact device comes in at $1,200 / £943.90, making it more cost-effective than the similarly specced xTool M1 but twice the price of a Cricut Maker 3.