How to discover Glowing Goop + Crafting-Recipes

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In Conan Exiles, the Glowing Goop is utilised to craft some products and, thanks to the Age of Sorcery update, also for magic. In this manual, we’ll tell you the place to find Glowing Goop and what you can craft with it.

The only matter that can be claimed about Glowing Goop is that no 1 understands what it is produced of and why it grows, or exactly where it grows. But for you, it’s additional critical in which to discover it and what you need to have it for.

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Conan Exiles: Glowing Goop Places

Glowing Goop grows underwater in dim and shadowy areas that are generally inhabited by crocodiles, so it’s better for you to equip by yourself with weapons and armor prior to you go exploring for the slime. You can harvest Glowing Goop with a Sickle or Pickaxe, which will give you a distinct amount of Glowing Goop per strike, based on their high-quality.

Spots where by you will locate Glowing Goop:

  • Hanuman’s Grotto
  • The Descent of Dagon
  • The Dregs
  • In shady areas of the jungle at source -2755, 3337
  • On goop-shrubs in the tunnel major to the Descent of Dagon at -2738, 300
  • In the Sunken Town in the Glowing Goop Deposit
  • In Supermeru (scattered patches)

Conan Exiles: Use of Glowing Goop

We have gathered some recipes which involve Glowing Goop to craft these objects. In addition, it should really be stated that you’ll also have to have Glowing Goop for using magic that came out in just the new update.

Craftable in Stock

Glowing Adhere:

The Glowing Stick is an choice to the torch, other than that it does not emit smoke. To develop just one piece, you are going to want:

The crafting time is 5 seconds and will be rewarded with 24 knowledge.

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Craftable on Alchemists Benches

Glowing Essence:

Having the Glowing Essence enables you to improve the time you are capable to invest underwater. To craft one particular Glowing Essence, you need to have the pursuing elements:

  • 10x Glowing Goop
  • 2x Aloe Leaves

The crafting time is 20 seconds and will be rewarded with 48 practical experience.

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Craftable on the Dyer’s Bench

Cyan Dye:

You can use Cyan Dye to colour diverse products and merchandise, but be conscious that the unique constructions of the products take up the colour in different ways. To craft just one flask of Cyan Dye, you have to have these elements:

  • 1x H2o-filled Glass Flask
  • 1x Glowing Goop

The crafting time is 5 seconds and will be rewarded with 8 encounter.

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Craftable in the Fermentation Barrel


Absinthe is an alcoholic drink for which you have to have these substances:

  • 1x Purified H2o
  • 15x Glowing Goop
  • 1x Leavening Agent

The crafting time is 30 seconds and will be rewarded with 86 expertise.

Conan-exiles_absinthe - Guided

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