God Of War Ragnarok Guide Hub: Crafting, Combat, Armor, And More

Looking for God of War Ragnarok guides? You’ve come to the right place. In God of War Ragnarok, Kratos and Atreus find themselves in a colder, more dangerous version of the nine realms we saw in 2018’s soft reboot. The game is, as expected, massive in size and scope, and it’ll take any player a long time to experience it all. That also means it may very well be a daunting, sometimes difficult game to overcome, but it doesn’t have to be. With our God of War Ragnarok guides all in one place–right here!–you can not just get off to a strong start, but find the guidance you need every step of the way. Who’s ready for another father-son bonding experience?

It should be noted that because some of this content is best played in the post-story portion of the game, you should consider this guide–and each of those linked within it–to contain spoilers, even as we’ve not actually spoiled the story. But inferences can be made from some of this content, so proceed knowing that in advance.

How long to beat God of War Ragnarok?

With a game of this scope, often one’s first question is regarding the time investment it may require. That answer changes depending on your playstyle, but we’ve got information to serve all kinds of players. Here’s how long God of War Ragnarok takes to beat, along with insight into side missions and open-world structure.

Ragnarok Trophies and Platinum guide

For some players, the game isn’t over when the credits roll. It’s only truly over when you see that Platinum Trophy ping on-screen, signifying you’ve done everything the developers challenged you to do. If you’ll be Trophy-hunting through Fimbulwinter, here’s our God of War Ragnarok Trophy list and Platinum guide.

Tips for beginners

With those two big-picture beats out of the way, it’s time to get more granular. For starters, check out our God of War Ragnarok tips, which offer several insights into the early hours of the game. Kratos is powerful, but not infallible, so use these tips to stay a step ahead of Odin as you march to war–or avert it, ideally.

Crafting guide

Ragnarok’s crafting menus are bigger and its full range of crafting elements much broader than before. It can be dizzying trying to keep track of all the different resources you’re asked to locate, so we’ve compiled a Ragnarok crafting guide full of tips to help you on your arduous journey.


You can transmogrify your armor in God of War Ragnarok. This means you can alter its appearance while maintaining its gameplay benefits and stats. But using this cosmetic feature isn’t clarified in-game so well, so we’ve done it ourselves. Here’s how to use transmog in God of War Ragnarok.

Frozen Flame and Chaos Flame

Crafting in God of War Ragnarok is expansive, but two of the most important resources are Frozen Flame and Chaos Flame, which upgrade your Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos respectively. You’ll soon find how vital these items are, so we’ve made a guide to explain the cadence at which you’ll find more of these things. Here’s where to get Frozen Flame and Chaos Flame.

Muspelheim Seeds

You can’t get into Muspelheim without both halves of a particular seed, and you’ll find one rather early on in your journey. Naturally, you’ll then wonder, “where the heck is the other one?” Well, we’ve gone and answered that burning question for you. Here’s where to find both Muspelheim seed halves.

Tricky side quests

Outside of the main story, there are literally dozens of missions and mission types to occupy your time, and a few of them are tricky to find or complete. Identifying those most likely to stump you, we’ve made several guides to walk you through it. Use our below guides on each of them.

Quest for Tyr mine puzzle

During the early story chapter, The Quest for Tyr, you’ll encounter a tricky mine puzzle that asks you to discover a new way to use your axe without much of a tutorial, so we’ve got a Ragnarok mine puzzle guide all ready for you.

Draugr Holes

The Draugr are back, though stuck to just a few spots across all of the massive realms. If you want to cleanse all six spots, here are all Draugr Hole locations.

Hel Tears

Like the Draugr Holes, Hel Tears will need to be wiped off the map to the order of a half-dozen. Here’s where to find all Hel Tears in Ragnarok.

Berserker Gravestones

If you’re looking for the sequel’s analog to 2018’s popular Valkyrie mini-bosses, the Berserker Souls are it. These super-tough battles number 10 battles (12 bosses total) across all the realms, and they should be considered post-game content simply due to their difficulty. Level up as best you can, then take them down. Here are all Berserker Gravestone locations.

Berserker Gravestone in Forbidden Sands

Most of these repeatable side missions are easy enough to locate in the post-game, but one of them, a Berserker Gravestone in northern Alfheim (The Forbidden Sands), is a bit trickier. Here’s what you need to do in order to approach the Alfheim Berserker Gravestone.

Dragon Scaled armor

The God of War Dragon Scaled armor is a special armor set, partly because of its utility, but also because it’s needed for the aforementioned Platinum Trophy. Here’s how to get the Dragon Scaled armor.

Mystical Heirloom and Troll locations

The Mystical Heirloom is a curious object you may find naturally on your travels, but it’s not clear what it’s for. Our Mystical Heirloom guide explains that, as well as how the trolls are related, and the reward you may very well want when you hit the end of this particular questline.

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