Emerging artists to watch for in 2023

Investing in emerging artists means finding hidden treasures while promoting a more culturally diverse community. 

Of the 35 fine art galleries in the Charleston Gallery Association, only one represents a “select few” emerging artists. Many of these galleries represent national and international artists who are established, recognized or award-winning. 

Charleston artists, and especially those who have yet to “establish” themselves, may wonder: “Where do we fit into this system?”

“Emerging artists add great value to our community in terms of accessibility, affordability and diversity,” said Ann Simmons, the deputy director of the North Charleston Cultural Arts Office. Simmons said her department found that providing emerging artists with exhibition opportunities is key in keeping its audiences and programming diverse and reflective of the community it serves.

“Reduced competition and lower price points (compared to more established artists) make it much easier for novice collectors and casual admirers to invest in their work,” Simmons said. “Which means more art for more people!”