Editorial: ‘Crafting a Lightsaber’ – An Interview With KR Sabers

“An classy weapon, for a far more civilized age.” Arguably the most legendary film prop in historical past, the lightsaber has ignited the question of audiences considering the fact that the initially Star Wars arrived in 1977. Regardless of whether it was Luke finding his father’s saber in Obi-Wan’s hut throughout A New Hope, or an unnamed villain thrashing open unstable crossguard blades in The Drive Awakens teaser, we can all remember our to start with working experience in front of a lightsaber.



Just as mesmerizing as the weapon by itself is the lore that surrounds it. To get hold of a lightsaber, a Jedi is tasked with personally making a single. This ceremony of passage identified as “The Gathering” normally takes spot all through a Younglings training course of schooling by traveling to the ceremonial ice caves of the planet Ilum in research of the heart of any lightsaber, a kyber crystal. In this quest, the young Jedi will have to triumph over a maze of psychological trials and actual physical road blocks in purchase to become attuned to the crystal that is contacting to them. It is all around this deeply particular supply that their saber is manufactured (see Star Wars: The Clone Wars year 5, episode 6 “The Gathering”).



Though touring to Ilum may be out of the cards for enthusiasts, constructing a individualized lightsaber is not. The Star Wars fandom is a community that celebrates significant and connects tiny. Social media groups and net community forums have develop into the meeting spots for cosplayers, book fanatics, prop collectors, and yes, even saber builders.



Effectively in advance of Savi’s Workshop, arrived a local community of engineers established to fabricate their versions of the beloved laser sword. Through nomadic engineering and various slight garage fires, these pioneers have created what is now a style-precise market. Corporations like Park, Korbanth, Vader’s Vault, and KR Sabers have merged ingenuity and artistry by crafting both film-correct and initial lightsabers. When the marketplace has come to be extra crowded lately with a great deal larger sized distributors, the specialised get the job done of these OG builders is unmatched.


Star Wars saber replica
Crystal expose Graflex from KR Sabers and Goth-3Designs.


And as far OG’s go, it’s tricky to locate a additional impressive builder than Khal, the operator and operator of KR Sabers. I had the possibility to sit down and chat with him about his organization, saber tech, lore, and substantially extra. See the job interview down below:




Zak is a musician and professor of audio in Columbus, Ohio. He and his relatives share a enjoy for Star Wars and can typically be located printing 3d helmets, developing lightsabers or observing their most loved display, The Mandalorian.