Destiny 2 Reveals More Details About Lightfall Weapon Crafting Changes

After revealing that the way players craft weapons would be evolving after Lightfall’s release, Destiny 2 has given us more of a peek at what that might look like. A new blog post has introduced three new crafting capabilities that will be introduced to the game over the coming year: Weapon Enhancing, Deepsight Activation, and Weapon Level Boosting.

The first of these to be introduced to the game will be weapon enhancing, which will drop “a few weeks” after the Lightfall Master raid and will be available only for a select few weapons–initially only Adept weapons acquired in Lightfall’s Master raid will be available for enhancing.

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The process will allow Adept weapons to be upgraded with enhanced traits, a level, and a memento socket, with the enhancement operating on a three-tiered system as detailed below:

    • Enhancement Tier 1:
      • Replaces the existing Masterwork. Grants an enhanced intrinsic, weapon level, “first enhanced” timestamp, and memento socket.
      • For raid Adepts only: allows full selection over the barrel and magazine perks (these perks are individually gated by level, same as crafted weapons).
      • The cost of weapon enhancing tier 1 will vary based on the Masterwork tier that is being replaced. Enhancing a weapon that has a Masterwork tier value of 10 will be much cheaper than enhancing a weapon with a Masterwork tier value of 1.
    • Enhancement Tier 2:
      • Weapon level 11 requirement. Allows enhancing of the left column trait perk.
    • Enhancement Tier 3:
      • Weapon level 17 requirement. Allows enhancing of the right column trait perk.

Bungie has warned that this feature may not be able to be applied to a broad range of existing weapons “until we investigate further,” but will be added for all raid Adepts following Lightfall.

The other two new crafting features are due to be implemented in Season 21, the Season of the Deep. The first is Deepsight Activation, which will allow players to apply Deepsight to any weapon that has a crafting pattern available. The feature can only apply Deepsight once per weapon, and only on weapons that haven’t previously rolled with Deepsight. Bungie warns that the ability will be “tightly controlled,” with the cost dependent on the weapon.

The final new feature, also planned for Season 21, is a new way to increase a weapon’s level without having the weapon equipped. A new mod will be added that can level up a crafted or enhanced weapon using standard currencies. “While this will not be initially positioned as the only method for leveling up a weapon, it may be a convenient method for unlocking early perk choices and an outlet for any spare currencies you have stockpiled,” the post explains. Players will still be able to level up weapons the same way they do now.

Along with these new features, Bungie will also be removing some old ones, including Deepsight Attunement objectives, resonant elements, and Resonant and Harmonic alloys. Deepsight will also now only drop on weapons with a crafting pattern, making red-bordered drops feel more valuable. While most of these changes won’t be applied at Lightfall’s launch, they will be introduced over the next few seasons.

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