Destiny 2: Lightfall Will Remove Deepsight And Resonant Elements For Weapon Crafting

In Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, Bungie introduced weapon crafting, and with that came a pile of new materials. Bungie eventually removed some of those materials but still required players to use Resonant Elements when Shaping and Reshaping weapons at the Relic. In this week’s blog post, Bungie shared changes players should expect with weapon crafting in Year 6 with Lightfall’s launch.

Firstly, Bungie plans to remove Deepsight Resonance attunement progress from craftable weapons. Attunement progress was required on red-border weapons to get Resonant Elements and extract Weapon Patterns for crafting. With Resonance gone, Resonant Elements will leave Destiny 2 as well.

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The developer’s reason for this change is that it wants to “integrate weapon crafting into the broader core economy,” according to the blog post. Common currencies like Glimmer and Enhancement Cores will replace the removed elements.

Also, Year 6 will eventually remove Resonant Alloys–necessary for the Intrinsic perk when weapon crafting currently–and Harmonic Alloys, which are applied towards raid weapons. Keep in mind, Bungie did not say when these changes will happen, so players can use these materials in weapon crafting for the time being and after Lightfall’s launch. Bungie has not yet specified any changes for Ascendant Alloys for upgrading Enhanced Traits, either.

In addition, destination materials, seasonal content, and items from Season 16 through Season 19 will enter the Destiny Content Vault when Lightfall launches on February 28. Bungie shared more details leading up to Lightfall, such as removing lethal fall damage, the new Strand subclass, and Lightfall’s raid start time.

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