Crafting with the Katies: Making the Viral Foam Popcorn Garland

Merry Xmas! The Katies have one closing craft for you this holiday getaway week, so you can include your last contact to your decorations!

They’re creating the viral foam popcorn garland, created famed on TikTok.

This venture can get messy, and use a ton of hot glue and spray foam, so this craft is not encouraged for your tiny kinds.New Cwtk Foam Garland

For this project, you will require:

  • 24 purple shatterproof Christmas bulbs
  • Excellent Stuff Huge Gap Filler spray foam
  • Incredibly hot glue and warm glue gun
  • Acetone (for removing spray foam from pores and skin or outfits)
  • Gloves
  • String
  • Straws
  • Scissors
  • Wax paper
  • Large paper clip
  • Tarp, or a substantial room where you can get messy

To make this project, stick to these actions:

To make the popcorn:

Step just one: Set out your tarp on the area you are doing the job on. Grab your wax paper and roll out a massive sheet of it. This is the place you’re heading to be generating your popcorn.

Move two: Go through the recommendations on your can of spray foam. Ours explained to shake vigorously for 60 seconds, the connect the nozzle.

Stage a few: Put on your gloves, and make positive you are sporting clothes you don’t treatment about in circumstance items get messy. Spray your foam upside down in a little star pattern. When you have done a single layer, area a straw in the middle of your foam mound. This will assistance you afterwards when you’re stringing your garland. Place another foam layer on major of the straw.

Phase four: Repeat this method right up until the can is totally vacant. We received about 24 popcorn kernels out of 1 can.

Move five: Place your popcorn in an area in which they can dry and harden. We let ours dry overnight.

To make the cranberries:

Phase a single: Remove the hook holder at the major of your ornament. Make guaranteed your scorching glue gun is plugged in and ready!

Step two: Find the middle of the base of your bulb, and push the tip of your glue gun into the base. You are generating an opening to support string your cranberries in your garland. Do not use any glue at this position.

Action three: Carry on pressing a hole into the bottom of your bulbs until eventually you have run out.

To string your garland:

Step one particular: Make guaranteed all your popcorn kernels have dried absolutely before starting this process.

Phase two: Just take your straws and pull them out of your popcorn kernels. That way, you nonetheless have an opening for your string, but you never have your straw sticking out. If your straw is not coming out easily, minimize as close as your can to the straw’s opening, so you don’t have straw items sticking out.

Action three: Consider your paper clip and unfold it so it looks like a huge crochet hook. This will enable you pull your string via your bulb.

Move four: Make a decision what sample you’d like your garland to be. We went cranberry-popcorn-cranberry-popcorn, but you can choose regardless of what style and design appears very best to you!

Step 5: Go in advance and string your popcorn and cranberries on to your garland string.

Step six: When you’ve finished stringing your garland, make a couple knots at either conclude of your garland to protected it. If you have your incredibly hot glue helpful, gluing down the ends of your garland wouldn’t hurt, way too!

And you are all completed! If you have any crafts you would like the Katies to try, electronic mail them at katywashbu[email protected] and [email protected].