Bungie is preparing to fix the Destiny 2 weapon crafting bug

Future 2 has 1 of the worst — and most hilarious — bugs in its historical past appropriate now, permitting players to build guns with perks that are match-breaking in functions or PvP. Players can place shotgun frames on vehicle rifles, resulting in a weapon that obliterates a person in PvP in milliseconds owing to the massively lessened time to kill. Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, says in a publish on X (previously Twitter) that it will release the fix in two waves, with the to start with remaining deployed within just the subsequent 24 hrs.

To start with, a stopgap: Bungie will disable the skill to equip crafted weapons (players can nonetheless create the weapons they just can not be employed). The developer suggests it will re-enable crafting “soon after” with the second repair, which will reset weapons made with “illegal” factors to their default state.

Future 2 players have also been crafting grenade launchers with frames from other weapons, sending vastly explosive projectiles towards enemies and PvP gamers. Bungie currently has more benefits operating for its Grandmaster Dusk action, just one of the more complicated sides of the PvE setting. This glitch would make that Grandmaster information gentle work, as people today blast by means of enemies and bosses with simplicity.

Trials of Osiris, Future 2’s aggressive PvP mode, is also managing this weekend with a sought-right after Igneous Hammer weapon as the reward for going flawless (winning 7 games with out a decline). This weapon crafting glitch means there are hundreds of players operating around with weapons that melt players and make Trials of Osiris quite quick when it’s meant to be a much more complicated PvP ecosystem.

This exploit can also be utilised to place unique weapon perks on regular famous weapons, totally transforming how a gun works in Destiny 2. It pretty much feels like you’re cheating when you shoot a person of these weapons.

It was not obvious if Bungie would have to have to roll back its servers to take care of the glitch, but the developers now say there “are no designs for a rollback.”

It also doesn’t look as nevertheless Bungie will choose Destiny 2 offline for crisis servicing. “We’re conscious of an situation that will allow specific weapon perks to be crafted into other famous weapons and are investigating a resolve, which will final result in these weapons being reset in the upcoming,” explained Bungie in its primary submit on X, acknowledging the problem. “We at this time don’t have any programs to disable Trials of Osiris because of to this issue.”

Any gamers using the exploit will not be banned, either. “Per our ban plan, gamers who learn an exploit will not obtain any in-recreation restriction or ban,” suggests Bungie. “However, the use of exterior scripting and network manipulation equipment are even now bannable offenses and matter to safety critique.”

Update September 15th, 5:25PM ET: Short article updated with comment from Bungie.

Update September 16th, 3:47PM ET: Up-to-date with Bungie’s announcement of incoming fixes.