5 Tips For Flying on Southwest as a Traveling Photographer

As a traveling photographer who performs mostly in the United States and the Caribbean, I commit most of my time traveling on Southwest Airways. Since I commonly journey for photograph shoots and weddings, I typically obtain myself at my most well-liked airport—Baltimore Washington Thurgood Marshall International (BWI)— any place from two to a few situations per thirty day period. I was basically at residence in excess of the Christmas vacations when I observed the experiences of persons stranded throughout the country. At first, I thought of jumping off the Southwest bandwagon. Then I remembered that I have numerous flights booked by consumers who anticipate me at their occasion or location in 2023, and rebooking on yet another airline is a further headache I want to avoid. So I arrived up with some simple suggestions for myself and many others as we enterprise further into 2023 in the friendly, or at times unfriendly, skies.

Southwest Airlines travel disruptions
Southwest Airways passengers stand in lines during delays and cancellations at LaGuardia Airport, Friday Dec. 23, 2022, in New York. (Photo by Richard Jones)

Suggestions for the Traveling Photographer Flying Southwest (and Other) Airways:

1. Converse with Your Consumer: As shortly as you know about the delay, you should reach out to your shopper to permit them know what is occurring and when you foresee arriving.

2. If your flight is considerably delayed, you should search into other flight choices to see if you can uncover a person that will get you to your desired destination as quickly as probable. Arrive at out to a journey agent or airline to uncover out if other selections are offered.

3. Look at other modes of transportation: If no other flights get you to your desired destination on time, look at a rental automobile or coach. 

4. Create a contingency approach: If you are unable to get there at the wedding day on time, you will require to make a contingency prepare forward of time. Discovering an additional photographer to address the wedding or event should be element of this approach.

5. Be all set for additional charges: Delays can generally indicate more fees, like hotel stays or meals, so you really should strategy for that. You need to be prepared to spend for these charges or negotiate with your client to see if they will spend.

Traveling photographer on Southwest
Image © Chip Dizard

Over-all, staying calm and becoming proactive about finding remedies to complications are necessary. You can keep your enterprise and your relationship with the client from getting hurt by the hold off if you keep the customer informed and are keen to be adaptable.

Let us hope the 2023 travel year is far better than how it finished.

Upward and onward, traveling photographer!

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